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Who wants to become a millionaire slot

The new slot game “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” from provider Big time Gaming, is based on the popular 1999 TV show, which was broadcast on NTV.

The main characters of the program had to answer 15 unique and very different questions from each other, as you understood from the name – the lucky one received a million.

Who wants to be a Millionaire

Who wants to be a Millionaire or slot “Who wants to be a millionaire.” So go to the game itself.

Who wants to become a millionaire is not much different from its relative of the slot Bonanza, but there are still differences and below we describe them completely.

The slot has 6 reels, and also from 2 to 7 characters in each of them! You need to understand that the number of paylines in this slot machine drops out absolutely randomly. But exploding characters always work, thereby providing intrigue to the player, even outside the bonus game. For the top characters in this slot payout 50x.

In the slot there is an additional drum, at the drawing of which the symbols also explode and load new ones!

If you do not understand how explosive reactions work, now I will try to explain it.

As you can see in the picture below, already played characters explode, but first pay the winnings. In their place are placed new characters, which give the next winning combinations.

In order to win the bonus function of free spins, you need to catch 3 characters from the Scatter on the main reel, what they look like in the image below.

You need to understand that the more you catch the scatter symbols, the more you get games in the bonus game.

Who wants to be a millionaire to play

Play who wants to be a millionaire can only be in some online casinos. We specially selected for you those gambling establishments where this game is present. In addition, these casinos are notable for their honesty and good work with players.

Bonus who wants to be a millionaire

It is time to move on to the most bonus game in “who wants to be a millionaire.” Immediately after you have caught three scatters – a table of games appears in front of you, where you can see at what stage you are (for playing free games)! To move on the table – you need to answer questions. And this helps you tips, which I will discuss below.

Tips have 3 types:

50:50 – with this option, out of 4 possible variations of the answer, 2 are deleted, thus leaving before you the choice to play for luck at 50%.

Call a friend – this feature shows a more likely answer to your question.

Audience assistance – the “hall” tells you a more likely answer to your question.

With all the prompts, you need to understand that any of them may be wrong, which means that the choice to continue to increase the number of free games or will remain only for the player.

The bonus game itself is a free game in which, after each won round, your multiplayer increases to an unlimited number. Thus, even at the smallest rate you can win a very solid cash.

The retrigger in the bonus game can be exclusively on the additional reel, which is located below the main field. For every 3 scatter symbols you will add 4 additional games, and for 4 symbols you will add 8 free games.